Semi-privacy Fence Installation

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Use a string to mark the position of the fence to be installed according to the spot situation. Then confirm and mark the exactly position of the post along with the string and dig the hole for the post with 1’X1’X32″ ( roughly, not exactly), then put one post into the hole and fill the hole and inside post with concrete to make sure the post straight and level.

Step 2

Insert the bottom rail into the post and then put the next post into the hole with little concrete.

Step 3

Insert the Middle rail, the top rail and insert the pickets. Then adjust the width to be what we want, such as 8 feet or 6 feet.

Step 4

Fill the concrete to make sure the second post straight and level. Then install the next panel with the same way. When all the fence installed, put on the post caps.

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